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Singer-Songwriter duo ‘RedBook’ craft well-written songs from their cultural clash and diverse background.


Currently working on their first of two EP's, due out later this year, ‘RedBook’ aim to give an intimate performance and create a connection with the listener. Making their appearance with the release of their Sampler in November 2017, ‘RedBook’ always look for a unique way to play some unorthodox venues including caves, shipping containers and their own front room - bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase `live lounge`.


Both experienced musicians in their own right they have performed across Europe as well as the UAE always pushing out of their comfort zone. Collaborating with everyone from EDM producers to folk artists both live and in the studio they take inspiration from a melting pot of culture and music.

Having various musical influences such as Frank Turner, John Buttler, Ne-Yo and NAO, ‘RedBook’ is the love child of its two members and their Hip-Hop/R&B and Rock/Folk backgrounds, founded 2016 for the love of song and it’s meaning. 

"Powerful Vocals And Beautifully Crafted Songs"

                                                             - Chris Carney